Prayer Needs


Prayer Needs

Thank you for visiting us here at Casting out Demons/Steps to Deliverance. We want you to be free in Jesus Christ. We also would like to keep you in prayer and we thank you for your trust with your prayer needs. We have prayer warriors and intercessors that are connected to the ministry, in addition to the ones that will view this web page and love to pray. We ask that you please keep your request confidential in nature by not listing name, addresses or information that may identify a person(s). The Lord Jesus Christ and the Spirit of God knows who they are! We would love to join our prayers with yours and the Spiritual Body of Christ and watch the Lord move in our lives. Please leave your prayer request under the “leave a comment” block near the bottom of this page. The Lord wants you to have freedom in Jesus Christ!

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23 thoughts on “Prayer Needs

  1. Tomo

    Please pray for my friend B who is single and wants to get baptized, but he is still bound by sex. He loves sex too much to renounce it. He said he wanted to change though. I’m not sure if he repents that sin. I believe that he has sex demons. Please pray that the sex demons would be casted out and pray for his deliverance. Thank you very much.

  2. Pastor Dennis Post author

    We lift up B in the name of Jesus and we ask you Lord to reveal yourself to him by the power of the Holy Spirit. We ask God in the name of Jesus that he have no pleasure in his sin life and that we will be drawn to truly repent and receive the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Saviour. Lord give Tomo the words to speak to B when the time is right. We bind these sex demons over B in the name of Jesus and we are believing Lord that the Spirit of God is loosed over him in Jesus name..

  3. Tomo

    Thank you, pastor Dennis. I’d appreciate if you keep on praying for B.
    I have a few questions. Can a Christian casts out demons in the name of Jesus even if a demon possessed person is not present when he/her prays? Is it impossible to cast out demons if a demon possessed person doesn’t repent nor be willing to be delivered?

  4. Pastor Dennis Post author

    You are welcome Tomo! To answer your questions:

    Q:Can a Christian casts out demons in the name of Jesus even if a demon possessed person is not present when he/her prays?
    A: Well the Bible shows that Jesus did accomplish this with great success and yes I believe this can be done in the Name of Jesus. However, the preferred method of deliverance is to cover the steps in the Word of God to have a person repentant and ensure that they understand what is about to happen. Yes there are emergency situations where there is not an interview, however the preferred method is to interview the person receiving deliverance and to minister the Word of God so that they will have a better chance of maintaining the freedom.

    Q:Is it impossible to cast out demons if a demon possessed person doesn’t repent nor be willing to be delivered?
    A: Demons must flee in the name of Jesus! If you cast demons out of a person that is not repentant or willing to be delivered then they will not be willing to keep the deliverance either. The demons know which ones are playing games and they know their legal grounds to attack a Christian. The ideal scenario is minister by the Holy Spirit so that the person can see their need for Jesus and repentance and they will have a better chance of keeping their deliverance.

    Tomo.. I hope this helps.. God bless and just keep praying for B. And we will too!

  5. Tomo

    Thank you very much, pastor Dennis!
    I’ve just finished reading “Demons & Deliverance” by H.A. Maxwell Whyte. It opened my eyes… I knew demons exist, but kind of thought that only Jesus could cast out demons… overlooked the fact Jesus has given us authority to cast out demons in His name(Luke 10:19, Mark 16:17,18). Also, I didn’t know about baptism in the Holy Spirit. I lately received it even though I became a Christian and got baptized a long time ago. Casting out demons ministry is new to me. My church doesn’t teach this thing…there is no one around me to ask questions. So, I’m glad and thankful that you answered my questions.
    It’s been a few years since I started to pray for B’s deliverance. It’s a great encouragement to me that you all will keep praying for him. Thank you again!

  6. Christy Cleghorn

    pray for christy cleghorn to have deliverance and healing and for christy cleghorn to be freein Jesus’s name.pray for God to touch christy cleghorn in a amighty way and for God’s love to be real to me.pray for christy cleghorn to prosper and be in health.thank you for praying for christy cleghorn

  7. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Father in the name of Jesus we lift up Christy to you and we ask that you reveal yourself to her mightily. Lord touch her in a mighty way and show her your love and mercy in her life and the life of her family. Lord Father that Christy would be in health and prosper physically, spiritually, financially and in every way that is mentioned in the Bible. Lord let your Word be clear to Christy’s understanding and give her revelation knowledge and the gift of discerning of Spirits.. Lord if Christy does not have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I ask that she would receive Him into her life as well .. We ask all of this in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Tomo

    This is a praise and prayer request. Thank you for your prayers. B said he wants to get baptized sooner and needs to change even though it’s hard. I believe Jesus has revealed Himself to him and been working in him. On the other hand he has fear of changing his life. He is praying for freedom from the fear. Also, asked me to pray too. Please pray for his peace and overcoming this spiritual warfare. God has spoken to me, “Do not be afraid, but keep on speaking and do not give up”. (Acts 18:9) Please pray for me too. Thank you!

  9. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Tomo we will continue to pray for B. God has it all in His control as we pray. The Holy Spirit will do the work as B submits to the Lord. It is very important that B read some of the Word daily for right now.

  10. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Lord I pray in the name of Jesus that you would be with Jason during these times. God increase his Faith as he reads the Bible. Lord show Jason the truth in your Word and Let him feel your Spirit.

    Jason I would tell you to stay in the Word everyday. Do you have any deliverance ministries in your area?

  11. erica

    hi my name is erica and im 18 i was abused when i lived at home now i live with ym friends who make my life heck! im tryin to get a job so i can get a trailer! i need a home im homeless. i have anxiety from bein abused, i cant sleep and im tryin to lose wiehgt but its sooo hard because od my anxiety and where i live! i wanna be closer to god but there is harasment 24/7 from my bad feelins its the things my parents did to me, they arent abusin me still but the bad thoughts and feelins are still in my head… i need a miracle i just want peace again and to be loved and be happy, i love god alot and want to feel his love and want a better livin situation, im tryin to help myself but its so hard, i need a 1000 bucks for a deposit for my ttrailer! idont care about money i just need peace and to be blessed. thank u so much i luv yall

  12. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Father in the name of Jesus we do lift up Erica. She has a mighty need God and we ask that you move in her behalf in Jesus name. We ask God that Erica can find in her heart to forgive those that did bad things to her as a child and release them to you. We are believing Lord that you will transform Erica’s life and cause her to be the mighty woman of God that you called her to be in Jesus name. Thank you Lord for your grace and mercy on her in Jesus name..

  13. Tomo

    Please keep praying for B. Also pray that Jesus would give me power and love (2 Timothy 1:7) when I talk to B. Thank you so much.

  14. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Father please give tomomiito Power and Love when he talks to B. Let his words be anointed by the H.S. and let Tomomiito feel the power of God while he is talking to B. God open B’s heart also to receive the things of God.. We bind the Anti-Christ spirits in the name of Jesus and loose the hearing of the Word of God in Jesus name.. Amen

  15. Vicki

    I am in need of prayer to deliver me from an enemy who has unjustly tormented me for months through a form of blackmail forcing me to do unspeakable and immoral things
    against my will with no end in sight. The situation has gotten so out of control that only God can help me. I have being praying endlessly for deliverence and the
    breaking of ties with this man, but feel I need intercession. I also prayer for my enemy to find God and do what is right and leave me alone. God Bless and thank you for
    praying for me. I will continue to pray in the Name of Jesus Christ!

  16. Tiana Holmes

    I have been under spiritual attack from the enemy for about 18 months. I have been rebuking this evil spirit, commanding him to leave me, renoucing satan. I asked jesus to come into my heart, and life. Forgive me of my sins, but these spirits talk all day and night. It gets so bad until I just want to die. There is literally hell around me. The enemy keeps asking me to sell my soul I try to stand on the word but the enemy will not stop talking. I’ll be honest it gets so bad till I just want to die because I’m being tormented. My soul is in so much pain, anguish I don’t have any peace.

  17. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Hello Tiana.. I am so sorry to hear about this. First of all say this prayer: Father, it is written in Your Word that if I confess with my mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and believe in my heart that You have raised Him from the dead, I shall be saved. Therefore, Father, I confess that Jesus is my Lord, I make Him Lord of my life right now. I believe in my heart that You raised Jesus from the dead. I renounce my past life with Satan and close the door to any of his devices. Forgive me of all those sins Lord and the sins of my forefathers. I also forgive anyone that has ever wronged me in any way.. I also forgive myself Lord. I ask you Lord to fill me with the Holy Spirit so that I may speak in a heavenly language to you Lord. I thank You for forgiving me of all my sin. Jesus is my Lord, and I am a new creation. Old things have passed away. Now all things become new in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

    Now Tiana: go here and you can download the Bible to listen to. If you have a stereo or MP3 player play this over yourself and your house night and day. The Bible also says : whatsoever you shalll bind on earth shall be bound in heaven and whatsoever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Tiana, this means that even before you hear any voices take your authority in the name of Jesus and say: Satan the Bible says you are a defeated foe and in the name of Jesus I bind you and your demons from speaking to me in my mind or tormenting me in my body. Tiana… also Tiania you can go to .. this is our local ministry’s internet church. You may find some videos or mp3 teachings that may be helpful for you.

  18. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Hello Vicki.. I am in prayer with you about this matter and will be praying in the spirit about it. How long have you been saved? Also if you are saved I always give the recommendation of staying in the Word as much as possible everyday. Vicki if you cannot read the Word then you should certainly listen everday.. Go here: . I also suggest that you listen you our teachings from the internetchurch at Also if you do not have the baptism of the Holy Ghost start to seek the Lord for this so that you can intercede in tongues.. This is a very powerful solution also.

    Hope this helps!

  19. Karla

    Hello Pastor Dennis!
    It has been put upon my heart to come and visit you and Dr. Pat via Omegaman Radio. I havenot had a church home, but have visited organized “churches.” I never felt welcome in these churches due to the fact that my FATHER GOD and His Only Begotten Son and my SAVIOR Jesus Christ was NOT There! I will be visiting in the middle of January 2010. I am very excited to worship The Lord with others who know HIM! May God continue to Bless Your Ministry.

    Your Sister in JESUS CHRIST,
    Karla :)

  20. Pastor Dennis Post author

    Thank you so much Sister Karla. May you and your family prosper through the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word.. Look forward to having you visit the radio station.

  21. christy cleghorn

    pray for christy cleghorn to not to die alone and not be lonely and not to have cancer or Aids and to never live on the streets.pray for christy cleghorn to be loved and cared for and for a deliverance and healing.

  22. robin

    I could really use your help. My fiance is going through some really scary things. When he was a kid he said he gave his soul to the devil and a while latr before he waes a teen his parents had an exhorsism performed and a demon attacked his dad physically and the ministers said they removed demon from bedroom but not my fiance. He is now 34 years old and has been dealing with voices telling him what to do, night terrors, hot flashes while his body is cold and clammy, blackouts, uncontrollable anger, digestive problems, temporary deafness, blurred vision, his appetite has changed drastically he use to eat all the time now he barely eats, he sleeps maybe 1 to 3 hours a night, he smells blood a lot and complains of other smells that I can’t smell, he gets unresponsive and growls and sounds like mumbling I can’t make out the words, his eyes turn black, he has episodes he scribbles random words on paper but they are wrote from right to left during some of his episodes, he sees and talks to spirits, he can tell me things that are gonna happen he says he sees it, these are just a few things.. he has been seen by mental health professionals and they finally call it schitsoaffective disorder and he has tried many medications nothing helps not even to sleep. Last march he got saved and is trying hard to be a christian, the harder he tries the worse things happen. If he takes pictures things show up in them. We live in an apartment on the second floor and he took a picture tonight and something is looking in the window watching him. Other people have experienced things that go on also. If you can help or know anyone that can please let me know. I was told he may be demon possesed.

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